InfiniFlash All-Flash Platform

InfiniFlash Platform: Designed For Big Data

Massive capacity, outstanding performance, and superior reliability for Big Data and hyperscale workloads. The InfiniFlash platform delivers 50x the performance, 5x the density, and 4x the reliability of traditional hard disk drive (HDD) arrays while consuming 80% less energy. With InfiniFlash, you can get the most out of your data center and give your customers experiences and services never before thought possible.


  • Massive Capacity
  • High Density
  • Scale-out with Simplicity
  • Breakthrough Economics 



InfiniFlash IF150 Product Brief

InfiniFlash IF550 Product Brief


InfiniFlash IF150 platform

Open Platform

  • For customers with custom platform software including
    OEMs, Hyperscalers
  • APIs for easy integration

InfiniFlash IF550 platform

Scale-out Capacity

InfiniFlash OS ceph

  • For large scale object storage-based apps >2PB
  • Block and object storage
  • Unified scale-out flash storage
  • Enterprise class, web-scale features/services


The InfiniFlash IF150 platform is a high capacity, high density chassis that offers maximum flexibility for customers who want to build their own systems for Big Data.


The InfiniFlash IF550 platform provides petabyte-scale capacity, high density and performance for OpenStack/Ceph environments delivering breakthrough economics for customers with big data storage requirements.