ActiveScale P100

Our lowest cost of entry modular object storage system that can scale to 23PB (raw), deliver high durability and facilitate a data forever approach.

  • Ready to deploy – Rapidly deploys into existing rack space
  • Scalable – Scales up to 2PB (raw) and scales out to over 23PB (raw)
  • Highly Resilient – Patented technologies provide up to 19 nines of data durability
  • Excellent TCO – Low acquisition cost, power/TB, and operating costs
  • Easy to Use – Manage the entire namespace from a single pane of glass


ActiveScale P100 Data Sheet


ActiveScale Architecture

The ActiveScale object storage architecture is designed for massive scale, provides data durability, addresses the limitations of RAID and file structure, and delivers CapEx/OpEx affordability.

ActiveScale P100

ActiveScale P100 is our lowest cost of entry object storage solution. Typically found in Fortune 5000 customers with capacity needs less than 5PB, the P100 can scale to 23PB (raw). With a modular storage architecture and patented dynamic data placement, you can grow your system without re-balancing, move gracefully across generations, and avoid forklift upgrades.

Professional Services

ActiveScale Professional Services are available to assist in the installation and implementation of your object storage solution. Customers with constrained resource environments immediately benefit from the additional flexibility in implementing new technology.


ActiveScale offers complete customer support services to ensure you get the most out of your ActiveScale purchase. Enterprise and mission-critical support service options are available to protect your investment.


  • Easy to Deploy: Rack space, power and network connections are all that is needed
  • Easy to Scale: Increase capacity with both scaleup and scale-out configurations
  • Extreme Data Durability: Data protection with BitDynamics, BitSpread, versioning, and advanced erasure coding
  • System Availability: Geo-spread or local and AWS™ asynchronous replication to protect data
  • Excellent TCO: Low acquisition cost, power/TB, and operating costs with high density
  • Management: ActiveScale SM & CM manage your entire namespace for efficient petabyte-scale storage management

Best Fit Applications

  • Finance
    • Data Lakes for analytics
    • Fast recovery from outages
  • Media and Entertainment
    • Live video archive
    • On-demand catalog
    • Cloud DVR
  • Life Sciences
    • Genome data banks
    • Medical imaging
  • Backup, Recovery & Archive
    • Backup as a Service
    • Data management
    • Disaster recovery


1 One megabyte (MB) is equal to one million bytes, one gigabyte (GB) is equal to one billion bytes, one terabyte (TB) equals 1,000GB (one trillion bytes) and one petabyte (PB) equals 1,000TB when referring to storage capacity. Usable capacity will vary from the raw capacity due to object storage methodologies and other factors. 2 Rack not included, customer must supply rack and PDU