At Chip ICT we believe in a flexible storage solution. With the customer in mind, we will offer the best fitting solution.
Our storage experts can help you decide for an individual solution based on your needs and requirements.

Not only Speed and Capacity matter, but also: scalability, data integrity, disaster recovery, budgets and many other variables will be taken into account.

STORAGEline 50000

The STORAGEline 50000 enables secure data storage at department or enterprise levels. It is suitable as a storage solution, which is integrated into an existing network in order to secure large data volumes. It also meets complex storage requirements in virtualized environments. The systems are equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors and provide a gross memory space of up to 192 TB.

HGST 4U60G2 Storage Platform

A scalable and cost-effective storage platform for data centers. With up to 60 Ultrastar® drive modules in a single platform, a 12Gb/s SAS interface, and HDD-SSD hybrid capability, this 4U platform is ideal for high-capacity storage needs.


HGST 2U24 Flash Storage Platform

Designed for Software-Defined Storage (SDS) systems, this flash storage platform balances performance with capacity, delivering high IOPS, low latency at up to 184TB capacity.


SanDisk InfiniFlash All-Flash Platform

The foundation for Software-Defined Storage, the InfiniFlash platform delivers density, performance, and scalability with up to 512TB and up to 2M IOPS.


HGST ActiveScale Cloud Management

ActiveScale™ CM provides cloud-based, advanced system insights and analytics for ActiveScale object storage systems. When you’re managing explosive data growth across diverse geographies, traditional support structures simply can’t keep up. With ActiveScale CM you can view all your ActiveScale Systems to monitor your service level agreements and system health. This is the way to manage petabyte-scale storage.

HGST ActiveScale P100

Modular Object Storage System Scaling Up From 720TB To Over 19PB, So You Can Keep Up With Data Growth, Storage Management at Petabyte Scale, And Deliver On Business Objectives

HGST ActiveScale X100

Integrated Object Storage System Scaling From 840TB To Over 52PB, Delivering Outstanding Data Consistency, Availability, And Durability For Building World-Class Cloud Infrastructure